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Gossip Girl - Remains of the J 2X20 Recap

Gossip Girl Recap

Hi guys, back again. Recap a day early : )
(stuff in parenthesis are my opinion)

Serena talks on the phone with Blair, because she’s concerned about Blair. Blair says she’s fine and she’s at home, but she’s actually out getting something.

Dan has a “fan” letter from someone saying that they loved his story from an entry package from Yale. There is officially 24 hours until Jenny turns 16. Rufus announces that they have breakfast at Lily. Vanessa goes in to their house where she is mad cause Nate isn’t calling him, but Nate just then sent her a text telling Vanessa to meet somewhere.

Poppy and Serena bump into each other. Poppy just came back from Spain, saying she’s staying for 24 hours. Serena tells Poppy that she’s throwing a Sweet 16 party for a friend.

Lily, Dan, Rufus, Jenny, Eric are eating breakfast, when Chuck walks in saying he’s late for business. Then, Serena comes in with bags; squealing and saying that Serena is planning Jenny a sweet 16. However, Jenny says no and wants to keep it small. Dan suggests “board games”, Jenny thanks them and tries politely to say no. Rufus then reads something of Dan’s Yale package that says Financial Aid Status.

Serena and Eric are talking at school and Serena is troubled at why Jenny doesn’t want a party. When 3 girls of Blair’s squad thing (sorry forgot their name) talk about Penelope’s party and how they can now not pretend about missing Serena’s party …I mean Jenny’s party. Serena then calls Poppy and asks her for help about the Party.

Vanessa goes to meet Nate, but Blair is there with Nate and Blair hugs Nate. We then find Chuck in his limo saying that he sent the e-mail; Soccer was his password from 5th grade, stating Blair leaves his apartment/house every morning at the same time. Chuck “when you’re ready to do something, you know where I am” (I guess this is the business Chuck was talking about”

Chuck and Blair are talking as Blair walks to her locker (no offense but for such a great school they have really crappy lockers, wooden cupboard with keys) Chuck is talking about Blair and Nate, and Blair says they are friends. Chuck “Well, you guys never had any spark.” Blair “Don’t act like I never cared for you.” Chuck informs Blair that Nate and Vanessa are still dating. (oohhh someone is getting a little jealous)

Rufus and Lily are trying soup. Dan is asking his dad about the Yale package. Rufus says that he forgot it at Lily’s but it’s actually on the counter as “Lil” points out (what kind of nickname is that). Rufus tells Lily that Dan was denied Financial Aid at Yale. Lily offers to help. Lily proposes the idea of selling the loft and living with her. Lily tells Rufus to call an Agent.

Blair and Nate are walking in the snow (…since when was it snowing or winter?) Blair is talking Brad, Jennifer and Angelina and how Brad just ended things (love the reference) Nate says he and Vanessa will talk at dinner, Blair gets a little jealous. Nate says it’s pretty much over and he thinks Vanessa will say the same thing.

Jenny and Serena are shopping when Poppy introduces herself. Serena thanks Poppy for meeting her. Poppy convinces Serena to throw the party, saying Jenny “wants” the party. Serena takes her phone out saying the party is not cancelled.

Vanessa meets Nate at a dinner. Vanessa “if there was someone else then this would be easier” Nate “there’s no one else, just you and me”

Blair and Dorota walking down the stairs, Blair “it’s 10:30 what took him so long?” Dorota creates a scenario “girl cries, boy comforts, boy touches hair, girl touches hair” (got to love Dorota) Nate comes in and says “it’s done.” Blair hugs him. Nate says it’s late and they can hang out this weekend, when he kisses her on the forehead, Blair has a disgusted face on, saying maybe Chuck was right that they didn’t have any sparks, saying what Blair and Nate had was just “history”

Chuck is in a robe and drinking something, when Vanessa walks in kind of mad. Saying that Nate broke it off but saying that there was nothing going on between him and Blair. Chuck “They’re making fools of us.” Vanessa “Not anymore”

Jenny has a bunch of board games and Dan is cooking something. The phone rings, Dan assumes it is Vanessa about the party, but it’s Gail from Brooklyn realty about the loft.

Serena and Blair are talking on the phone, Blair informs Serena about Nate and Vanessa and Serena wonders how Blair knows all this. Blair then informs Serena that her and Nate have been spending a lot of time together. Blair says that Nate was her destiny all along and that Chuck was just something she had to get out of the system. Eric then barges in and says “Do you have any idea about what’s going on out there” Jenny then greets the doorman, and he is reading a book saying that Dorota got to her “I read to make Dorota happy” (LMAO) Jenny is excited because everything is going really good, Dan then says that everything is TOO good. Dan informs Jenny that dad may be selling the house and they might go Upper East Side and Dan tries to rhyme/rap. The elevator then opens where it’s like a huge party with a lot of people. The people from Blair’s posse reach Jenny “not bad” Penelope then says that she cancelled her party. Jenny is then confused and goes and talks to Serena. Poppy then wishes Jenny a happy birthday. Jenny “I didn’t want this” she’s kind of pissed, and people around are surprised that it’s a birthday. Eric is with Jonathan and Jenny approaches them. Jenny then texts Gossip Girl that there is a huge party at the VDW.

Vanessa and Chuck are in an elevator, Chuck are staring at Vanessa breasts, Chuck says he had a lot of great ideas but Vanessa said no because it involved releasing a porn tape of them. Blair and Nate are talking to each other and Blair is kind of on top of him. Vanessa then kisses Chuck to make them jealous.
There’s a bunch of people and they are drinking. Serena tells Jenny to get rid of the party crashers and Jenny says she invited them. Eric informs Serena that there are strangers having sex in her bed. Dan is talking to a bunch of girls. Serena interrupts Dan and says she needs his help.

Nate talks to Vanessa and Vanessa says that nothing is going on and it’s just physical. Nate says nothing is going on, and Blair interrupts saying that there’s nothing going on…yet, saying that things go on alone. Blair goes into a room and locks the door. Blair says that “let’s find out if we’re just friends” and pushes him onto the bed and goes on top of him. Blair goes onto him but Nate turns her down(….they don’t kiss). Nate tells Chuck that what happens if we just pushed them together. Chuck tells Vanessa to “intercept him” Nate “if you wanted to be more like Blair waldorf, good job you got what you wanted” he says to Vanessa.

Dan and Serena are changing her bedsheets. Talking about Jenny’s party, they are talking about Serena’s crazy life. Eric then comes in again and says that there is a problem. There are a bunch of people at the door pounding the door then there are cops scaring them away. Lily and Rufus then come in “Hi kids, we’re home” Lily and Rufus go into the apartment and Lily finds a pair of jeans. Serena then says that she was in charge but it was Jenny’s fault because of the people. Lily then blames Serena that it was her fault. Jenny than doesn’t say anything. Dan says he’s innocent and Jenny then takes the blame. Jenny the comes out saying that she knows about Lily/Rufus wanting a house. Jenny says that she’s not ready to move in.

Serena and Poppy are at a club. Poppy offers Serena a private jet to Spain. Serena accepts, saying okay , by the way they would be leaving tomorrow.

Lily and Rufus are at their loft. Lily says a group of professionals are cleaning. Serena told Lily that she is staying at Lily. Lily and Rufus say that things are going too fast. Lily and Rufus say what are we going to do about Dan and Yale right when Dan walks in that’s when Dan realizes why he has to sell the loft. Dan then says that he’s going to return the phone call to the “fan.”

It is snowing again, when Blair and Dorota are walking. Blair says that she misses him. Nate is there and says that he wants to be with Blair. Then they kiss ( for about 6 seconds)

A guy bumps into Serena saying that he has seen her before. It’s poppy’s guy friend.

Dan calls some guy name Scott (I’m thinking it’s the guy that Lily/Rufus gave up…ssmall world right?) His father picks up, and Dan says to call him back. The father jumps to conclusion saying that his son “knows”, thinking it was more than just a fan letter. The mother asks “how do you delete an incoming call”

Poppy asks Serena is she’s ready, she takes out her phone. She texts Lily that she has gone to spain.Blair and Nate are still kissing. Chuck is in bed with Vanessa buttoning up her dress “let’s pretend last night didn’t happen” They then kiss. Vanessa says it means nothing and they kiss again.

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  1. Eeek, what an exciting episode! But the writers have completely screwed up the show... *sighs*

  2. FUCK VANESSA!!!! Chuck what have you DONE???!?! NAIR MAKES ME GAG!!! OMFGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so disgusted i want to cry