Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chuck - Chuck vs First Class - Spoilers

In Canada, Chuck arrives a day early.
So enjoy (:

-no Ellie and Awesome
-lots of Buy More
-Morgan is being sabotaged by the Buy More employees
(including being stuck in a game and being glued to a chair)
-Morgan and Casey team up (see previous point)(hypnosis is involved)
-Chuck will fence the baddie, watch for the hand on the hip
-apparently Buy More is a "prestigious store"
-hanna(h) will possibly be a buy more employee next episode
-about 30 seconds of talk about Sarah and Chuck
-hilarious scene with a dead guy and Chuck
-we find out about Shaw's wife and sort of why he's so involved with the Ring
-heart-felt scene with Chuck never going to Paris
-"Morgan Grimes is the kindest warmest most understanding human being
I've ever known in my life" -quote of the night (music adds a lot of "suspense"
-someone gets a raise
-Shaw and Sarah are not exes, Sarah says she has never heard of Shaw before