Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gossip Girl - 3X16 - The Empire Strikes Jack - Spoilers

Canada shows Gossip Girl a day early (for now) so here are a couple of sneak spoilers.

Jenny gets a second chance in fashion by Eleanor.
And so does Agnes(who's "supposedly" 90 days sober from A.A.)!
Jenny and Agnes make up "I missed you, Bitch!"
Jenny is getting texts from Damien and Agnes wants to do something about that...including drugging Jenny.
Jenny is rescued by Nate (thank goodness for GPS)!

Blair hires prostitutes as her friends.
Blair may have a future with Columbia.

Chuck is kicked out of the hotel by his mother.
Elizabeth isn't Chuck's mother...or is she?
Jack and Elizabeth are in love??

Dan and Vanessa go public.
Dan and Vanessa try to change things.

Dorota's in this episode!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chuck - Chuck vs First Class - Spoilers

In Canada, Chuck arrives a day early.
So enjoy (:

-no Ellie and Awesome
-lots of Buy More
-Morgan is being sabotaged by the Buy More employees
(including being stuck in a game and being glued to a chair)
-Morgan and Casey team up (see previous point)(hypnosis is involved)
-Chuck will fence the baddie, watch for the hand on the hip
-apparently Buy More is a "prestigious store"
-hanna(h) will possibly be a buy more employee next episode
-about 30 seconds of talk about Sarah and Chuck
-hilarious scene with a dead guy and Chuck
-we find out about Shaw's wife and sort of why he's so involved with the Ring
-heart-felt scene with Chuck never going to Paris
-"Morgan Grimes is the kindest warmest most understanding human being
I've ever known in my life" -quote of the night (music adds a lot of "suspense"
-someone gets a raise
-Shaw and Sarah are not exes, Sarah says she has never heard of Shaw before

Wednesday, April 1, 2009