Monday, March 23, 2009

Gossip Girl - The Grandfater 2X19 Recap

BEWARE SPOILERS AHEAD. This is a full recap for tomorrow's episode it's really long.

Dan and Vanessa talking about Budapest, Bucharest easter bloc, euro rail pass, socialist policy. Dan and Nate are talking
Dan and Vanessa bump into Nate and his cousin Tripp, Tripp is engaged to a girl to Marie. Tripp is persuading Nate to go see a family reunion and the grandfather.

Serena was looking for her phone when Chuck has it, because he was wondering if Blair lost her phone. Chuck is looking for Blair, Serena tells Chuck that she got denied by
Yale. “The only thing Blair wants more than me” says Chuck.

Lily is renovating with Rufus’ ex, who works with Lily. Lily doesn’t know about their past.

Dan and Vanessa want Nate to go to the reunion, Nate does not want to because they shut them out when Nate needed them when his father went bankrupt.

Rufus explains to Lily that they weren’t bfs and gfs. Lily is upset that he is upset, they want to make lists of their “exes”

Nate arrives in a limo with Dan and Vanessa at the family reunion. A helicopter arrives with his Grandfather was. Nate thought that the reunion was his grandfather’s idea but it wasn’t. Grandfather hugs Nate, and says “We missed you” Everyone is clapping.

Chuck goes to Blair’s apartment with a gift, Blair is on the couch. Chuck hands it to Blair and she puts it away on the couch. Carter comes out of the room and kisses her on the cheek. Blair says that Carter can’t be worse then Blair. Blair is saying that Chuck wasn’t there for her when she needed it. Carter kisses Blair on the cheek.

Nate’s grandfather is showing Dan and Vanessa with about their history. Grandfather is talking Nate about the future, talking about his father’s situation. They have a heartfelt moment, and cousin Tripp comes in for Touch Football.

Blair and Serena are shopping; Blair is talking about being hard to be herself. Blair shoplifts sunglasses and purse. Serena calls Chuck about Blair going bad because of Carter.
Serena walks in on Lily writing something. Serena is looking at the list of Lily’s exes. Serena says “It’s ging to take 20 minutes to go through the ‘90s alone”

Tripp tackles Nate when they are playing touch football. Vanessa is staring and a girl walks up, it’s Tripp’s fiancĂ©e. She says grandfather is very persuasive. Nate then tackles Tripp and scores a goal. Fiancee says “Welcome to the next 30 years”

Chuck has a bottle of wine, when Carter walks in and drinks it. Carter says he’s taking Blair to a party then Serena walks in. Serena threatens Carter to leave town. Serena threatens Carter with a trip to Santorini. Carter turns it around and says he could use stuff against her as well.

Blair is walking on a sidewalk into a house.

Lily and Rufus talk about the list. Rufus hands a single card to Lily. Lily has doubts about her long list, but instead gives a shorter card then what she originally wrote.

Dan walks in with Vanessa with Jenny sitting with a laptop; Dan is limping and wants something for his ankle. Dan is suspecting Vanessa to know something.

Serena and Chuck is asking Dorota where Blair is, and Dorota is going on about where she is. Dorota is talking in a foreign language.

Nate and Vanessa are talking about his grandfather, and they almost kiss when Nate’s phone rings. It’s Tripp calling saying he’s in the city, but Nate denies and says the is on a date so he can’t go. Nate stands up and kisses Vanessa to leave because Vanessa persuades him to go.

Chuck and Blair go up to the same door Blair went to. A girl enters the door, and Blair is crying and begging to a guy. But it’s Dean. She is begging to the Dean to let her back into Yale. Serena and Chuck exchanges glances “woops got it wrong”. Blair leaves and tells Chuck and Serena “Don’t follow me”

Blair is crashing Nate’s family reunion. Chuck and Serena are there cause Dorota tipped her off. Blair tells Serena that Rachel and Dan had sex in the closet. Blair is letting all of her secrets loose. Dan and Vanessa are going through security. Grandfather “borrows” Nate to talk.

Rufus is ordering something when he goes into Lily’s purse to get some money and finds a longer list of names.

Tripp talks about Nate having an internship at the Mayor’s Office, while Vanessa says they are backpacking and Tripp got it wrong. Vanessa meets Nate and Nate knows that someone told Vanessa that he got an internship. He says he might want to do the internship.

Blair is letting some secrets loose with a two women and a male. Chuck pulls her away and talks to her. Blair touches Chuck and puts him against the wall and Chuck touches her thigh. Blair kisses Chuck and she says “take me now. They kiss a little more then Chuck pushes her away, and says “this isn’t you, you’re not the Blair I want.” She says “That’s right, and I never will be again.” Blair says “Goodbye Chuck” and she walks away.

Blair is sitting all alone on some covered stuff. While Nate comes in and gives her his jacket. She talks about when she was first where she was, when they were dating. Blair is crying talking about how Lost she is and so does Nate. Nate sits beside Blair and talks about watching Blair’s movies. They talk about their past, and Nate says he should head inside. Blair turns around and was about to say something but just says “Don’t forget your jacket.”

Dan goes “Serena how are…” then Serena slaps Dan. Dan looks confused but then he knows Blair told Serena about the sex in the costume closet. Serena is smiling, and doesn’t know why. Then someone was taking a picture and Serena goes “let’s go get some ice”

Rufus shows Lily the longer list. And Rufus is mad.

Vanessa and Nate walk together. Grandfather announces that Nate is offered a Internship, and goes up to accept it. And Vanessa is worried and Nate looks at her. n

Serena walks in on Chuck drinking by himself. Serena demands to know what happened, and then Serena starts to walk out, and then Chuck says “I’m losing her.” Serena urges Chuck to fight for her.

Vanessa is talking to Jenny and can’t believe they broke up. Vanessa doesn’t know where she and Nate are at. Vanessa is crying.

Rufus walks into Lily reading something. Rufus made a new list, about Lily’s favourite and that he is sorry.

Chuck goes into Blair apartment and Dorota is there. Chuck tells Dorota to tell Blair that he stopped by and he has something to tell her. Chuck then stares at something.
Blair comes out of the washroom and Nate is there too. Blair “Thanks for making sure I got home okay.” When Nate is about to leave, Blair holds onto Nates hand and says “stay the night” Chuck picks up Nate’s blazer and he knows Nate is upstairs with Blair.

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